Who is Michigan Lottery Results.org

Company profile. We are a moderately-sized web-based marketing firm licensed and incorporated in Pensacola, Florida. Our group of lottery results sites aim to please any lottery winner. The websites have intentionally kept Our lottery daily results on top of the advertisements so surfers didn?t have to dig through mounds of banners. Most guests just need the current lottery results so they can go to sleep.


Our mission

Our aim is simple, to earn players appreciation for this website and to become the best lottery result service on the net for the enormous amounts of lottery players around the planet. We hope to gather a group of loyal visitors to Our websites who might participate in part by linking to us from their blogs, DIGGing our websites, bookmarking or linking Our results in every other way they can. This will help us keep a small amount of outside marketing.

FAQ about our lottery numbers

Our lottery results are updated every 15 min., so you can rest assured that you are getting the winning numbers as fast as they become available to our sites. We believe our numbers are about 100% accurate (we have never received even one report of inaccuracy). If you are concerned about Our loto numbers, we encourage you to consult the official state lottery website. We also suggest you hang on to non-winner lottery tix in case of any question in the future.